I am a woman,

A friend,

A sister,

A motivator,

And a listener

But all in all I am me

I am a woman and no-one will take that away from me”

Bulelwa Matiwane (Every Scar Tells a Story Project)

Early Childhood Development

WHEAT has supported ECD projects that help towards educator training and teaching aids. Our Elf Montessori Project in Cossovo works with different schools in the community to develop Montessori programmes.  The Thope Foundation Project in Khayelitsha has built a library where children and young adults can go to receive after school assistance with their home work.

“I like what Elf Montessori has done to my school. Their lectures have taught me a lot, like allowing children to have freedom of choice and how the preparation of the environment was important.”  – Vukuzenzele Educare

Jewellery & Beading

Our Small Beginnings project in Strandfontein and Infinity Art Project in Khayelitsha.  Small Beginnings is a costume jewellery making, income generating project which also runs training workshops for the unemployed. Infinity Art produces beautiful art work such as; paintings, bead-work, and pottery.


Our Masikhanye Gardening project supports an organic vegetable garden in Khayelitsha which is a sustainable income generating project. This project has continued to flourish just like the gardens being grown! Starting off as a one women show, it now employs over fifteen people and also runs an internet cafe for the community.


Our Videfi project in Belville and Ma Ruba Project in Nyanga. The Ma Ruba project creates an array of wonderful arts and crafts for generating income, while the Videfi project produces beautiful dresses.

“We have no hesitation to say that, ‘No WHEAT TRUST no VIDEFI’, if it was not for the support of WHEAT TRUST, we would not be where we are today, therefore, they have played a significant role to build up VIDEFI to stand as we are today.”

Siyakhatala Orphans Support

The support given by the WHEAT Trust helps the Siyakhathala project to run various successful programmes focusing on; childhood development, training for unemployed youth, and organic gardening.

“We started with 50 children, now we have 170 children in our records. I would like to appreciate the support and love that we received from Wheat for believing in us, as we were still new in the field. Thank to Wheat Trust for laying a good foundation in building Siyakhathala.”