I am a woman,

A friend,

A sister,

A motivator,

And a listener

But all in all I am me

I am a woman and no-one will take that away from me

-Bulelwa Matiwane (Every Scar Tells a Story Project)

What We Do

Early Childhood Development

Grants are provided for educator training and teaching aids. Our Elf Montessori Project  in Cossovo   and Thope Foundation Project in Khayelitsha have been able to flourish due to our support.


Jewelery and Beading

Our Small Beginnings project in Strandfontein and Infinity Art Project in Khayelitsha.  Small Beginnings is a costume jewellery making, income generating project which also runs training workshops for the unemployed.


Our Masikhanye Gardening project has supported an organic vegetable garden in Khayelitsha which is a sustainable income generating project.

Sewing-Videfi (Belville) and Ma Ruba (Nyanga)

Our Videfi project in Belville and Ma Ruba Project in Nyanga. The Ma Ruba project creates an array of wonderful arts and crafts for generating income, while the Videfi project produces beautiful dresses.


The support given by the Wheat Trust helps the Siyakhathala project to run various successful programmes focusing on; childhood development, training for unemployed youth, and organic gardening.

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